Social identity-based motivation modulates attention bias toward negative information: an event-related brain potential study Benoît Montalan, Alexis Boitout, Mathieu Veujoz, Arnaud Leleu, Raymonde Germain, Bernard Personnaz, Robert Lalonde, Mohamed Rebaï
Field conditioning of sexual arousal in humans Heather Hoffmann, Kathryn Peterson, Hana Garner
Why is adolescence a key period of alcohol initiation and who is prone to develop long-term problem use?: A review of current available data Géraldine Petit, Charles Kornreich, Paul Verbanck, Agnieska Cimochowska, Salvatore Campanella


Posted 2015-03-11
Call for papers - New therapeutic neuroscience-based approaches in psychiatry

Posted 2015-01-09
Call for papers - Comparative perspectives on social cognition

Posted 2014-07-08
Call for papers, special issue: Contribution of movement research to socioaffective neuroscience and psychology

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